Unless otherwise stated, all performances start at 7.30 pm and all concessions are for under 16s and over 60s
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7th September 2018 at 7 pm

Opera Anywhere

Set in Japan, The Mikado presents a tangled web of love. Nanki-Poo, the son of the Mikado, flees in search of his true love, YumYum, to avoid marrying a much older suitor. Yum-Yum, however, is betrothed to Ko-Ko, the Lord High Executioner, against her will.

Things, as you can see, are complicated! But can everything be righted before someone loses their head?

Expect high jinx, lots of energy and clever wordplay as all is revealed

For a 10 minute preview on YouTube click here

SWISH... again

11th to 13th October

Cotswold Players

Strong Women In SHakespeare

SWISH was originally the Players’ highly successful contribution to the first Stroud Shakespeare Festival held in Stratford Park in May 2018. A team of actors and directors performed an open-air series of short scenes from the History plays (including Henry V, Henry VI & Richard III) celebrating famous speeches from strong women.

For the October production, the Players will add a second half consisting of linked scenes from Much Ado About Nothing, with the evergreen sparring of Beatrice and Benedick, and The Merry Wives of Windsor, with the gulling of the lecherous Falstaff by the redoubtable Mistress Ford and Mistress Page.

SWISH ….. again promises an entertaining evening of the best of Shakespeare, telling the powerful stories of these remarkable women in some of the wonderful verse and prose that the English language has to offer.

The National Joke

18th to 20th October

Hexagon Theatre Company

Torben Betts

This dark comedy, written only 2 years ago, is extremely up-to-date, and you will recognise some very contemporary references to the current political scene. It is an incisive depiction of the remarkably bumpy family life of a fictional MP.  When three generations of the family come together to witness a solar eclipse, home truths quickly emerge and hackles rise.

Torben Betts is a rising star of British comedy theatre.  He has been likened to Alan Ayckbourn in his use of gentle comedy to expose the undercurrents of contemporary British society.

Anne Boleyn

20th to 24th November

Cotswold Players

“Why is it that all we do in the name of God is always exactly the same as what we need to do in our own self-interest?”

A celebration of a great English heroine, Anne Boleyn dramatises the life and legacy of Henry VIII’s notorious second wife, who helped change the course of the nation’s history.
Traditionally seen as either the pawn of an ambitious family manoeuvred into the King’s bed or as a predator manipulating her way to power, Anne – and her ghost – are seen in a very different light in Howard Brenton’s epic play.

Rummaging through the dead Queen Elizabeth’s possessions upon coming to the throne in 1603, King James I finds alarming evidence that Anne was a religious conspirator, in love with Henry VIII but also with the most dangerous ideas of her day. She comes alive for him, a brilliant but reckless young woman confident in her sexuality, whose marriage and death transformed England for ever.

Edith in the Dark

1st December

Baroque Theatre Company

Philip Meeks

Baroque Theatre Company presents this journey into the disturbing, dark and supernatural imaginings of celebrated children's author Edith Nesbit. (The Railway Children, Five Children and It).
One night in her attic writing room with her housekeeper and a mysterious guest she reads them a story, not one of her cherished children’s tales, but one of her terrifying early horror stories.
As the tales unfold it becomes clear all is not what it seems…Someone in the attic is hiding a deadly secret.

Edith in the Dark is a haunting Christmas drama; a glimpse into the nightmarish inner world of an author whose reputation for cosy childhood innocence is only half the story.

Highly original” THE GUARDIAN
A superbly written new play… a devilishly good idea” THE STAGE
A delicate balance of tongue-in-cheek and heart-in-mouth” THE PUBLIC REVIEWS

A Child’s Christmas, Poems and Tiger Eggs

4th December

Ballet Cymru
£17 (£12.50 under 18)

Dylan Thomas

A brand new ballet by award-winning Welsh Dance Company Ballet Cymru, narrated by Cerys Matthews.

Ballet Cymru presents a timeless interpretation of the Dylan Thomas classic A Child’s Christmas In Wales with music by Mason Neely and Wales’ own icon, Cerys Matthews. Step into the imagination of a genius and follow us on a journey through snow, cats and melancholy. Featuring choreography by Creative Wales Award winner Darius James and Amy Doughty, and evocative, eloquent costumes, Ballet Cymru bring to life this timeless story using the company’s unique blend of classical technique and storytelling.

Poems by Dylan Thomas © The Trustees for the Copyrights of the Dylan Thomas Estate
Music and arrangements by Cerys Matthews and Mason Neely from the album Dylan Thomas - A Child’s Christmas, Poems and Tiger Eggs. www.cerysmatthews.co.uk © Cerys Matthews

‘These young dancers created a taut, committed atmosphere on stage, and the audience, comprised of every age group from 5 to 95, were gripped from start to finish.
Ballet Cymru, I salute you!’
Amanda Jennings, Dance Europe
‘Not too short, and not too long, the evening was a complete delight from start to finish’
Jonathan Gray, Dancing Times

A Child’s Christmas, Poems and Tiger Eggs by Dylan Thomas is a co-production between Ballet Cymru and The Riverfront Theatre.

She Loves Me

18th, 19th and 24th to 26th Jan at 7.30 pm 20th and 27th at 5 pm

Cotswold Players & Glitter & Twisted

Unless otherwise stated, all performances start at 7.30 pm and any concessions are for under 16s and over 60s