Unless otherwise stated, all performances start at 7.30 pm and any concessions offered apply to under 16s and over 60s

Treasure Island

13th to 15th and 19th to 22nd June

Cotswold Players
£17 (£9 under 16)

Adapted from the novel by ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON

Jump aboard for a journey of a lifetime across the tropical seas. Your companions will be a few cutthroat pirates, a parrot and a courageous boy entangled in a dangerous swashbuckling expedition. Jim Hawkins embarks on a daring sea voyage to locate an island of buried riches, and gets more than he bargained for. But with his fate sealed, he discovers not only gold and gems but also treachery and mutiny lurking around every corner. Along with unforgettable characters including Long John Silver, the most famous pirate of them all, Treasure Island comes alive for the whole family as an epic theatrical adaptation of one of the world’s great adventure stories.

"Scripted by Ken Ludwig, this new version invests in a gripping yarn with a genuinely rough and ready buccaneering spirit. It flies the flag for good old fashioned ensemble story telling” – The Telegraph.

ADVISORY: Treasure Island is appropriate for adults and children ages eight and up. The show is an exciting adventure that contains nautical danger, action-packed fight scenes, mild language and the occasional scallywag that may not be suitable for youngest mateys.

The Foraging Fan Club

5th July

HW Productions

Directed by Jo Bousfield

Join Helen Wood as she heads into the great outdoors, with her trusty trug, on a quest to become an expert forager. In this quirky, feel-good comedy all aspects of foraging are unearthed and celebrated – the challenges, the dangers and the joy of discovering a new type of berry to turn into jam.
Even if you’ve never picked a blackberry before, you’ll receive a warm welcome and a badge at the Foraging Fan Club.

This is the third in a series of five-star, sell-out Fan Club shows; Helen having previously shared her love of Ordnance Survey maps and her enthusiastic attempts to visit every National Trust property.


Reviews for The O.S. Map Fan Club:

***** “Endearing and zany. Comic genius.’ - Everything Theatre
***** “Ingeniously clever…warm and friendly.” - The Wee Review
Must See Show “Wonderful, quirky and engaging.” - Fringe Review

Review for The National Trust Fan Club:
**** “Highly skilled comic celebration.” - The Scotsman

The Shoemaker of Havana

6th July


…an absorbing Epic drama with original contemporary vocal and music score told with compelling 

The principal players here are Fidel Castro and Che Guevara, John and Robert Kennedy, Nikita Khrushchev, Alina Castro-Fernandez and Barbara Walters.
And then there's Lisa Howard, the virtually invisible protagonist so pivotal to the story, for so long, sadly denied her rightful place in this intriguing narrative. 
There's a huge sweep of history here...over 60 years distilled into less than one and a half hours traffic on the stage. It's an Epic tale but the heroes are little people, the shoemaker Alvara Garcia and his devoted wife Eva.

Mature political themes, choreographed violence and infrequent coarse  language
Suitable for 13 years and above
Duration: 85 minutes.

Nuworks is an independent not for profit, completely self funded, community theatre entity. We have been in continuous existence since 1988. We have our home at Mills Street Warehouse, Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia.

We write most of our work including the music component. We record our own songs in our 
studio. We tour overseas on a regular basis and have performed at The Edinburgh Fringe, The Adelaide Fringe and The Auck-land Fringe where we have attracted a number of prestigious awards as well as four and five star reviews.

An Ideal Husband

20th July

DOT Productions

Oscar Wilde

DOT Productions returns with The Oscar Wilde Classic ‘An Ideal Husband’. Sir Robert Chiltern’s dinner party takes a drastic turn when Mrs Cheveley makes a surprise announcement that reveals her true motive for attending. Forced to choose between his family’s disappointment and his career, Sir Robert turns to his friend Lord Goring for help. Lady Chiltern makes it clear she expects her husband to be a model of perfection, but when she expects foul play, she makes it clear Sir Robert must do the right thing if their marriage is to survive.

Join us for this wonderfully witty Wilde play about public and private honour.

Aylmers Circus

26th July at 7.30, 27th July at 2.30 and 7.30 and 28th July at 2.30 and 5.30

Harvey Aylmer Productions Ltd
£21 (£15 under 16)

You’re invited to Aylmer’s Circus. A new Theatrical Circus extravaganza coming to The Cotswold Playhouse this summer from Friday 26th - Sunday 28th July 2024.

Our family-friendly circus invites you into a kingdom, where international acrobats come alive. Accompanied by a contortionist, hand balancer, and cyr wheel artist, just to name a few! Inspired by fairy tales, theatrical romance, and elegance, you’ll be taken through the story of a man who dreams of becoming a clown, when he stumbles upon a letter from a forgotten ballerina.  

Come and be transported to a world where musical theatre and circus collide, and childhood dreams are reimagined.


1st to 5th October

Cotswold Players

A victim judged. A marriage in crisis.
Heartbreaking, shocking, and at times hilarious, this modern Greek tragedy
puts our legal system under the spotlight as a group of friends deal with the
consequences of their behaviour.

Friends take opposing briefs in a rape case. The key witness is a woman whose
life seems a world away from theirs. At home, their own lives begin to unravel
as every version of the truth is challenged.

Consent deftly combines domestic drama with insightful explorations into our
cultural concepts of consent. It’s a thought-provoking play that examines our
legal system alongside marriage and the ways we lie and cover, betray and

Warning: this play contains frequent swearing and adult themes, as well as
graphic descriptions and casual discussion of rape and assault. Not suitable for
anyone under the age of 14.

Anthony and Cleopatra

8th and 9th October

The Etheric Players

William Shakespeare

The Roman Empire is starting to crack at the seams. There is great concern that their ‘triple pillar of the world,’ Mark Antony, is now languishing in Egypt and in a relationship with Queen Cleopatra.

How to lure this great reputable Roman back to his homeland? Octavius Caesar, his onetime ally but now rival for power, has an idea…..

This is a staging of this intimate epic with live, original music. A story where the political meets the personal. Two middle-aged lovers desperately try to rekindle past glories and defy the power of Rome. 
Meanwhile, Roman politicians underestimate Queen Cleopatra at their peril. She and her Antony brag ‘let Rome in Tiber melt, and the wide arch of this ranged empire fall !’ As long as they stay together, their eastern dominions will hold out over Roman expansionism.

But the couple thought they had all the time in the world…. 

Deaths at Sea

11th October

Our Star Theatre Company
£15 (Concessions £13)

A small theatre company are performing their new murder-mystery play ‘Death at Sea’, but despite their best efforts, everything goes wrong! 

Their play, ‘Death at Sea’, is a thrilling murder mystery set on a small ship carrying just five passengers and its Captain. When one of the passengers, Mr Inus, is found dead, the remaining passengers speculate and turn on each other until the real murderer is caught... But that isn’t how this play goes! 

In Death(s) at Sea props fail, the set falls down, actors get drunk and concussed, and conversations in the wings reveal too much. If they can only make it to the end of the play before one of them really kills someone!

Faustus - That Damned Woman

19th to 23rd Nov

Cotswold Players

A revolutionary re-telling of the classic morality tale of Dr Faustus - who sold his immortal soul to the Devil in return for unlimited powers. The central character is re-imagined as a 17th century woman. It takes a painful series of attempts for her to make contact with the Devil. But when she does, she negotiates a price for her soul that not only gives her the services of the demon Mephistopheles but also allows her to fast forward in time. She encounters famous personalities, meets the seven deadly sins, unsettles the Devil with some of her cutting-edge scientific research, and fends off the horsemen of the Apocalypse, before finally landing in the fourth millennium!

Join us on a fast-paced journey through time, packed with action and surprises – and ask yourself what you would do if you had the power to do anything!

HMS Pinafore and The Grand Duke

HMS Pinafore - 2.30/7.30 on 30th Nov, 7.30 on 1st Dec. The Grand Duke - 2.30 on 1st Dec

Forbear! Theatre
£22 (£18 concessions)

HMS Pinafore 

by Gilbert and Sullivan
Presented by Forbear! Theatre
Saturday 30th Nov 2.30pm
Saturday 30th Nov 7.30pm
Sunday 1st Dec 7.30pm

In this comic operetta, captain's daughter Josephine and lowly sailor Ralph are in love. Standing between them are her father, her fiancé and the British class system. Can they overcome the odds?

Forbear! Theatre is a small group of professionals founded in 2015, described by Sir Arthur Sullivan Society Magazine as “precise and vivacious”.

The Grand Duke 

By Gilbert and Sullivan
Presented by Forbear! Theatre
Sunday 1st Dec 2.30pm

A theatrical troupe plot to overthrow the miserly Grand Duke of a Bavarian town amongst in-fighting, love-triangles and an overconsumption of sausage rolls.

See Gilbert and Sullivan's lesser known but hilarious and avant-garde operetta, in a production praised by Mike Leigh for its “unique youthful freshness, sophisticated wit and impressive theatrical and musical professionalism."

Judy, Liza & Barbra

6th and 7th December

Glitter and Twisted

Grace Hawker reinterprets the Garland, Minnelli & Streisand songbooks in this new revue devised by Simon & Suzanne Moss.

Gossipy anecdotes, some funny, some sad, illustrate the lives of three powerhouse women, promising an evening of sensational theatricality. 

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