Unless otherwise stated, all performances start at 7.30 pm and all concessions are for under 16s and over 60s
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Dial M for Murder

13th to 15th and 20th to 22nd June

Cotswold Players

Frederick Knott’s Dial M for Murder is a classic thriller from the early 1950’s, a golden age for thrillers. It was first presented on stage in London’s West End in 1952 and was an immediate smash hit, getting its debut on Broadway shortly thereafter and being played on stages around the world to rave reviews. Alfred Hitchcock immediately snapped up the film rights and released it as one of his most successful movies in 1954, starring Grace Kelly and Ray Milland. It says a lot about the gripping nature of Knott’s original play that Hitchcock chose to replicate the stage experience in a screenplay that was derived straight from that text.

The play revolves around three characters; recently retired international tennis player Tony Wendice, his wife Sheila and a friend, Max Halliday and how their world collapses around them. This is no “whodunit” but an intricately plotted thriller, which constantly twists and turns keeping audiences in suspense until the final curtain falls. From the earliest scenes onward we know who the murderer is, how it is to be carried out and who is to be the victim and, right in the middle of the play, we see it acted out on stage … “before our very eyes” … but will the murderer face justice or get off the hook? Come and see it to find out.

The Canterbury Tales

4th July

Bristol Old Vic Theatre School

The Canterbury Tales
by Geoffrey Chaucer

A colourful cast of characters set off for Canterbury, competing to tell their tales of love, lust, adventure and chivalry. Brimming with verve and energy, Chaucer’s well-loved stories are brought beautifully and vividly alive by the students from Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.

All of medieval life is here, with the wide range of social strata rubbing shoulders as the Miller, the Steward and the Wife of Bath (among others) all have their tales to tell. 

The Canterbury Tales is a touchstone of English literature and has delighted readers for centuries.

Given the bawdy nature of the show, we would advise an age guidance of 14+

The National Trust Fan Club

19th July

Seabright Productions

James Seabright presents

The National Trust Fan Club

Written and performed by Helen Wood
Directed by Chris Head

Join Helen Wood’s one-woman quest to visit every National Trust site and become the NT’s biggest super-fan. Don’t miss this chance to see Helen’s new show before it appears at the Edinburgh Fringe, following hot on the heels of sell-out hit The Ordnance Survey Map Fan Club. Packed to the brim with Goretex, cream teas, and a loyal canine assistant (when NT rules allow).

‘Endearing, sincere, wholesome and zany. Comic genius!’ ***** Everything Theatre

‘Enviable rapport with her audience’ Fringe Guru

‘Engaging performer’ West End Wilma

‘Dry, droll and genuinely funny’ Fringe Review

The Breach

20th July

Apricity Theatre

Written by William Shakespeare
Adapted by Apricity Theatre

History is written by the victors. But what about the people whose blood those victories were won with?

Henry is a violent man, and a threat too great for France to ignore as his armies plunder their churches and burn their towns to the ground. Henry’s soldiers struggle to come to terms with the blood they have shed in the name of their king, while Princess Katherine prepares herself for the arranged marriage she knows is on its way. With ‘explosive’ battles (Theatre Bath) and thumping beats, this new adaptation explores the darker side of Shakespeare’s story through the eyes of the people used and forgotten by history.


‘unlike anything we have experienced ’
praise for Between the Armies (365 Bristol)


praise for Between the Armies (Theatre Bath)

Sense and Sensibility

25th July

DOT Productions

The Dashwood sisters have a very different approach to their love lives. Elinor has much more Sense, but Marianne has a great deal of Sensibility.

Hero’s, heartbreak, heroines and villains, all topped off with Dot Productions renowned comedic style will have you falling in love with this wonderful adaptation of the beloved Austen novel.

Julius Caesar

10th to 12th and 16th to 19th October

Cotswold Players

“It must be by her death!”

A country troubled by civil unrest and political uncertainty.  The emergence of a charismatic new leader, on a wave of popular acclaim.  Some say she should be given absolute powers.  But that would contravene proud democratic traditions.  And it would sideline the current political elite.  What is the opposition to do?  And what will be the consequences of their actions?  This contemporary production underlines the terrible timelessness of Shakespeare’s great classic. 

Set in an unspecified European country, it whisks us from the backstreets of the capital to the homes of the rich and famous, to the seat of sovereign power, and finally to the town whose war-ravaged streets provide the setting for the final showdown.  It contains scenes of violence, blood, gunfire and explosions.

This is Julius Caesar as you have never seen it before: stripped back, fast-moving, up-to-date, full of surprises, and packed with modern technology.

A revolutionary approach to a play about revolution.  It is a fitting contribution to the 2019 Stroud Festival, with its theme of “Revolution in the Arts”.

Three Men in a Boat

2nd November

Kick in the Head

After the huge success of Old Herbaceous, Kick In The Head productions are back with a rip roaring barrel of fun, Three Men in a Boat, with Giles Shenton (Old Herbaceous himself!) playing the part of Jerome K Jerome.

Join Jerome as he recounts the hilarious story of his boating holiday along the magnificent River Thames with his two companions and Montmorency the dog. Come and join in the fun as Giles Shenton expertly takes the helm and pilots you through the ridiculous tale of men behaving badly while messing about in boats!


“There are a few seriously funny books that remain great for all time. Three Men in a Boat is one of these” The Guardian

“Timeless appeal” The Independent

“Pitch-perfect comedy about, well, three men in a boat” The Telegraph

Giles Shenton "creates an instant rapport with the audience, drawing us into his world and making the characters in it so real we feel you have known them forever. " Fringe Review

A Month of Sundays

14th to 16th November

Hexagon Theatre Company

Bob Larby

A comedy about the difficulties inherent in growing old. Cooper, who has gone into a residential home rather than be a burden to his family, flirts valiantly with the female staff, banters with the other old folks and keeps a close check on his “record of physical deteriorations”.

To the painful ritual of Sunday family visits and empty condescension, Cooper and his friend Aylott reply with humour and wit, aware that life can only be endured if treated as a comedy.

Although he has written several plays, Bob Larbey is best known for his television writing including ‘A Fine Romance’ and ‘As Time Goes By’ which both starred Judi Dench.

The Yellow Wallpaper

29th November

Beyond the Horizon

"There is one strange thing about this paper, a thing nobody seems to notice but myself...”

The critically-acclaimed Beyond The Horizon in association with Birmingham Old Rep present Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s terrifying story of madness and oppression in The Yellow Wallpaper.

A young woman is confined to a room at the top of an old manor, in an attempt to cure her from the nervous fits she suffers after the birth of her son. Isolated and bored, she soon begins to obsess over the unappealing wallpaper surrounding her – until she starts to see a figure in the patterns who seems to be reaching out to her...

Based on true accounts and integrating physical theatre with visceral story-telling, Beyond The Horizon bring the audience into a world of uncertainty and stomach-churning suspense.

Unless otherwise stated, all performances start at 7.30 pm and any concessions are for under 16s and over 60s