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Downloadable audition materials will be available at Audition Files below when provided by the director.


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‘Pressure’ by David Haig – 22nd to 26th November 2022 - audition notes

Open auditions for The Cotswold Players production of ‘Pressure’ by David Haig will be held at The Cotswold Playhouse on Friday 24th June from 7.30 pm to 10 pm and on Saturday 25th June from 2.30 to 5.00 pm.

Brief notes on each character can be found in the Cast Details provided below, which includes information on the size of each part and playing age etc
If you would like to be considered for a part in the play, please prepare the appropriate audition pieces for the main character(s) you are particularly interested in playing. During the audition, you will have the opportunity to audition for at most two parts (but of course you may be considered for others). You do not need to memorise your audition pieces.

In order to help the smooth running of the auditions, you can book a 10-minute slot using this link. When you click on the link, you will need to navigate to the date you wish to audition on (either June 24th or June 25th) and then click on the green button in order to choose your slot. You will then be able to add your contact details. In the “Description” box, please indicate which parts you would like to be considered for, listing them in order of preference.


Please also complete an audition form (available below) and bring this along with you to the audition. If you are under 16, you also need to complete an additional consent form (also below).

If you are unable to attend either of the above dates, please contact Diane, preferably by Friday 10th June, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on 07961 272373, in order to arrange a separate time. You’re also welcome to contact Diane if you have any questions about the production.


Audition Files

Cast Details
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Download ( docx )
Pressure Audition form
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Download ( docx )
Pressure Audition Piece 1 & 2
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Download ( docx )
Pressure Audition Piece 11 & 12
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Download ( docx )
Pressure Audition Piece 13 & 14
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Download ( docx )
Pressure Audition Piece 3
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Download ( docx )
Pressure Audition Piece 4
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Download ( docx )
Pressure Audition Piece 5
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Download ( docx )
Pressure Audition Piece 6
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Download ( docx )
Pressure Audition Piece 7 & 8
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Download ( docx )
Pressure Audition Piece 9 & 10
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Download ( docx )
Pressure Auditions additional consent form
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Around the World in 80 Days (January 2023)

  • Casting auditions for Around the World in Eighty Days:  
    Please audition for either one big or two smaller parts, using the audition-material provided, which will be available on this site from 25th June. This will be the case even though you may not be looking to play this particular role. However, you can obtain audition-material before this date by emailing the Director, Pete Cluer, on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and specifying the part(s) you are interested in.
  • All parts are significant, but apart from the major roles of Fogg, Passepartout, Mrs Aouda and Fix, some will be allocated on the basis of flexibility. Most of those cast will be playing several roles and also acting as stage-crew.
  • Apart from using material from the play, auditionees will also be asked to do a short improvisation relating to the play, e.g. serving a drink on a ship which is moving up and down, riding on a train and firing at bandits, etc. 
  • The majority of roles will be available to both men and women, depending on who actually turns up to audition. Parts are open to people outside the Society, providing that anyone cast then joins the Cotswold Players.
  • It is possible to have a small part in ‘Pressure’ and a big part in ‘Around the World’ or a big part in ‘Pressure’ and a small part in ‘Around the World’ but not a big part in both. There are a large number of parts, some of which are outlined in more detail below….

Phileas Fogg: An archetypal English gentleman. His life is regulated like clockwork but he is addicted to whist and clearly likes to gamble, as shown by his wager that he will travel around the world in 80 days.  He is calm and unresponsive, showing little signs of emotion, until his reserve is finally undermined by the charms of Mrs Aouda. A major part. 

Passepartout: A true Parisian who has lived an extremely adventurous life as a goat-herder, singer, horse-rider and circus performer. He apparently wants to settle down but instead is drawn into another exotic lifestyle as Fogg’s valet, getting involved in numerous arguments and fights. A major part, that could be played by a man or woman.

Mrs Aouda: A self-possessed and beautiful Indian widow who, thanks to Fogg, escapes certain death through suttee, where the wife is burnt on the funeral pyre of her husband. She is well-born, demure and exotic, with an innate attractiveness that eventually breaks down the apparent indifference of Phileas Fogg. A major part. 

Inspector Fix: An over-eager Scotland Yard detective who thinks he has found the notorious robber who has stolen £55,000 from the Bank of England. Wily and deceitful, he manages to engage Passepartout in his devious plans and plays along with Fogg, until he gets his deserved comeuppance at the end of the play. A major part. 

Flower-Seller: A small Eliza Doolittle-ish part, who does not say a lot but who casts an important light on the character of Fogg. 

Stuart: One of the gentlemen of the Reform Club, who challenges Fogg’s assumptions. The cast includes other members of the Club, Flanagan and Ralph, who are equally stuffy and self-important and, in some ways, similar characters. 

Suez Consul: An English employee, stiff-upper-lipped, who sticks by the rules. Other parts are similar examples of the kind of person who was employed by the British Empire. 

Mr Naidu: A sophisticated, Indian businessman, at home playing whist, who befriends Fogg on his train-journey across India and joins him in his escape from villagers by elephant. He also speaks Hindi. 

Miss Singh: A rich Indian lady, who owns an elephant and is sympathetic towards Mrs Aouda. 

Judge Obadiah: A rather pompous, overbearing example of his/her type, who manages to find a loophole in the law which fines Fogg and Passepartout but spares them imprisonment. 

Captain Blossom von Darius: Captain of the Tankadere, one of the ships that Fogg takes, and who, somewhat surprisingly, turns out to be a woman! 

William Batulcar: American – the chief of the circus-troupe who manages to entertain large audiences abroad with his/her performers’ skills and acrobatics. 

Colonel Stamp Proctor: A very loud-mouthed and extrovert American, who demands respect from all around him on the train that he takes with Fogg across the American plains. 

Captain Speedy: American Captain of the Henrietta, who allows Fogg to buy the ship from him on condition that he still owns the hull, even though the top part had been burnt. 

Other parts include:

Fogg’s valet, James 
Beggar Woman 
Street Sweeper 
Reform Club Valet 
Flanagan, a member of the Reform Club 
Ralph, another member of the Reform Club  
Club Man 
Mongolia Purser (who speaks Italian) 
Bombay Consul 
Guardians of an Indian temple
Peninsula Conductor (who speaks Hindi) 
Calcutta Policeman 
Clerk to the Court 
Rangoon Purser
Hong Kong Consul
Opium smokers
Circus Performers
General Grant Purser
Train Bandits
Train Porter
Mr Mudge, the owner of a land yacht
Engineer of the Henrietta
Crew of the Henrietta
Liverpool Policeman


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