Covid Guidelines

A rapid increase in numbers of Covid cases in Stroud, in excess of 1300 per week and following an outbreak of Covid amongst cast members, the Board has written the following document which we expect all members to follow during any rehearsal or other activity at the Playhouse. Alternative guidelines are being prepared for Front of House and audiences during public performances.

  • Do not come to the theatre if you are feeling unwell or if you have been in contact with someone feeling unwell.
  • Cast members must carry out a lateral flow test before each rehearsal. Although these tests are not 100% accurate, they still help to reduce the risk.
  • Social distancing guidelines should be followed throughout their visits to the Playhouse. Where possible, maintain a 2m distance from others.
  • All members should practise hand hygiene on arrival and departure from the Playhouse.
  • All members should wear masks at all times whilst in the Playhouse. Masks should only be removed when the director and cast members feel is absolutely necessary to do so.
  • All members should confirm they are fully vaccinated to the director or activity leader and should have accepted a booster vaccine when called.
  • The director or activity leader will make sure that the area of the theatre being used has maximum ventilation.

By adopting these measures all members can be assured that everyone around them is doing their best to reduce the chance of a coronavirus infection within the Playhouse. We must leave it to individual members to police themselves as the board are not able to do this.

There is good evidence to support all these measures:

  • Social distancing reduces transmission rates.
  • Hand hygiene reduces transmission rates.
  • Mask wearing, whilst not protecting the person wearing the mask, protects those around them from becoming infected. It therefore takes a joint effort by all members wearing masks to reduce case rates.
  • Fully vaccinated individuals not only have less chance of becoming severely ill, being admitted to hospital or dying but also have a lower chance of passing on Coronavirus to others.

The Board of Trustees understands that some people may feel some of this infringes their personal rights, however the Board has a responsibility for the safety of all who use the Playhouse.

Our rights to use the Playhouse must be balanced by our responsibilities to each other.
The Board thus expects all members to abide by these points.

These measures will be reviewed at every monthly board meeting and amended as the situation changes locally.

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